Animal Conservation

Hello. It’s me. I’ve been wondering… if after all these years… you’de like to meet… He He I’ll stop now. Hi, anyway! Do you remember my photos of Jenny and the polar bear from the zoo? Both of those animals are endangered, as well as plenty others, due to a bunch of crud humans (yes, us) are doing to the planet. These pictures are spreading awareness for endangered species, so they can be re given their homes and health. The problem for polar bears is global warming, while the monarchs’ problem is the destruction of their homes and food. Here are the photos; just remember, animals are important to the world. To us. And apparently, we’re doing everything possible to destroy them.


Things you can do to help=

*Quit air pollution

– Carpool (lessen gasoline production)

– Plant trees to filter air

– Ride bikes

– eat less/no beef. Cows produces lots of greenhouse gases by farting and -yes, poop- the gas from their dung.

*Helping monarchs

– foster monarchs from caterpillars till they hatch as butterflies

– DON’T RIP DOWN MILKWEED!!! D:{ (and don’t spray pesticides on it)


Well, please try. Try and help the animals. 😥 They need it!

P.S: I am writing a new (relatively) short story, it’s called Crippled. It’s about Jenny, her life from her own point of view. I’m no telepath, but I’ll do my best to re create her tale. I hope it raises awareness for endangered animals such as herself. Love you, all!


Lord of the rings lego progress

Hi again! here are some photos of my project. The first one is of the bridge and the hobbit hole (already built before the project). the second is the platform with the swan fountain, and the third is of the castle. The castles not 100 percent done yet. Hope you like it!

Hi again. I’ve connected the finished peices of the project now, and added a base. The castle’s not attached yet, though.



image.    Hello! Sometime soon I’m going to start a LEGO l.o.t.r (lord of the rings) project, where I will make a HUGEEEEE base fore all my lotr sets such as bridges, lakes and gardens, and reinforce/rebuild some of them before putting them on top. Here’s a picture of my plans: (above). Now I’m gonna go build it! I’ll post an image when its done.

p.s: coment if you want me to post my progress!

The daughter of destiny, A puss in boots story

Daughter of Destiny; Chapter one: The Wedding

Wedding bells rang loud in the courtyard of San Lorenzo, announcing the Union of Dulcinea and Puss in boots.Dulcinea, in a flowing dress of white to match her silken fur, walked down the aisle to meet puss. “Wow.” he murmured. “Wow.” Sphinx said. “Wow” Artephius whispered”Wow” said a random thief from behind Puss’s back. He easily shoved him off with a threatening lash of his sword. Sphinx, in her normal carefree, sassy way, pronounced the vows. “Do you, Dulcinea, like, take this man-cat! to be your lovely wedded husband?” Dulcinea chuckled softly. “I do” she said. Sphinx turned now to Puss, who seemed equally amused at her failure at professionalism. “And do you, Puss in boots, take Miss Dulcinea to be your wife?” “I do” Puss said, sounding as proud as he felt. He wished to take no finer a bride than the cat standing before him. “You may kiss” the gold-winged cat said finnally. And so they did, uniting together forever. “Never in a million years” Puss began as they were walking arm-in-arm down the aisle “did I believe this dream would come true”. At the end of the flowery path, Dulcinea snuck a quick glance over her shoulder. Sphinx looked thoroughly pleased to be done with her work.

The newly wedded couple had many nice dances at the reception party. At the end of the night, while Dulcinea was chatting with Puss’s old friend Kitty soft paws, A lively flamenco beat struck up, and she was pulled onto the dance floor by a ginger-furred paw. “Let us dance.” Puss said and grinned. The white cat giggled “Gladly”. Suddenly, she began doing twirl after twirl in her husband’s arms, then pulled away holding his arm and did some complicated flamenco steps. He pulled her back and dunked her too the ground in a rather sloppy, ballet-y way. “My lady!” He said “how did you learn these intricate moves?”.Dulcinea only smiled.

A day later, the two cats were packing up their things for their Honeymoon trip to the fountain forest. They decided it would be a little fun, testing out all the fountainsng (especially the fountains of sass mouth and 100 changes).Dulcinea laughed as Puss suggested she try out the fountain of 100 changes. She, however, had a different idea for him. During her time after sass mouth fountain, she came across a fountain they had labeled called the backwards-talking fountain. In her present state, she thought it would be a good laugh if he drank a sip! I’d like to see him get himself out of that jumble. she had said to herself. Puss held his wive’s hand and they waited for Callista to arrive and take them to the wood.During their wait, Dulcinea and Puss told the senor puss squad and some other friends about their plans for a honeymoon, both relaxing and fun. El-guante chuckled when Dulcinea told him her plan to get Puss to talk balkwards  “Sometimes” he said ” I think a little of that Sassy cat never wore off.”

Chapter 2: Fountain Madness

Calista dove in with a plunge. “Bye, everyone. Byeee!” Dulcinea called down from the flying feline’s back. The city of San Lorenzo waved far below. She smiled at Puss as the town turned to nothing more than an intracate playset. “I feel…free” she said happily. She leaned on the ginger tom’s shoulder and gazed upward at the beautifull stars, newly in the sky. In the hour the couple spent soaring through the sky, Puss in boots took the time to tell Dulcinea tales of his heroics, heroics of his friends, and recounting to her the full tale of the great wizard of their city. Soon, Callista said “Heads up, Guys! We’re, like, here now.” The cats looked down upon the gorgeous scene: the forest looked spectacular that night; the trees were strung with colorful lights, and the fountains were glowing iridescent. Animals scampered around, some too dumb to avoid the fountains. A squirrel had fallen in mustache fountain, but his long red mustache had weighed him down. Dulcinea noticed a beautiful, glistening cave bedded and lined with fallen leaves, in the usual reds, yellows, pinks, oranges, and purples, without a shade of brown in sight. She couldn’t see too far past the opening. Calista steered them down towards the cave.

“Well, this is it, or whatever. Call if you all need anything.” The little cats slid hand-in-hand down the fire lion’s (that’s what they sometimes called Sphinx and Calista) wing. Puss in boots walked into the beautiful setting, and admired what seemed to be his side of a ginormous, human queen-sized bed.
A little golden table sat in the center of the room, topped with plates of delicious foods. Puss motioned for Dulcinea to sit first, as if saying “ladies first”. She gladly excepted and sat in one of the purple velvet-cushioned chairs. “Talk about a luxurious welcome!” Puss exclaimed as he sat down, still looking around. They indulged until they were about to burst and Dulcinea, who was usually a skinny kitty, was bulging a fair amount from food overload. They climbed rather clumsily in bed and fell into a sleep of happy dreams, some of which they had together. In their sleep, they inched closer together, and were finally hugging.

The next morning, Puss woke to find himself alone. He looked to his right and saw Dulcinea come out from a room he’d never noticed before. “There’s even a bathroom here, Puss!” She said. She was out of her dressing gown, and had changed into a pretty yellow dress. She also looked considerably lighter than the night before. Puss nodded gratefully. “I was afraid I was going to have to start going to the bathroom in the woods, like I did when Alessandra took me to the jungle.” “What?” “Eh… Never mind”. Dulcinea quickly changed the subject, for the sake of Puss’s feelings. “Well, let’s try not to eat so much this morning so we can stay productive”
“Mmm-hmm”. Puss’s mouth was already full. The white furred cat sat down and ate. Suddenly, a thought struck her: the plates were refilling themselves! She saw it about to refill. “No more, thank you”. The vague silhoets of food dissapeared. Her groom soon did the same, and they went together into the fountainwood.

After a bit of walking, they found a fountain, unlabeled. “you first” Dulcinea said, and without warning, dunked him in headfirst. He came up soaked, but also… short. It was like someone had tried to squash him flat with a hammer. Dulcinea giggled.Hammer-squashed Puss looked terribly disgruntled and undignified. “Release.” he said. His voice had become quite low. There was a flash and he was back to normal, and had a look that spelled revenge. He pushed her head in a nearby fountain. The white shoulder the ginger cat had his paw on changed to a rusty black, and when She resurfaced, she was wearing a Blue-and-gold barret. “fountain of transformation. Ok, Puss, who the heck is this cat?” Dulcinea said and stared down at herself. “Just a friend of mine. Black cat I hung with when I got cursed by the goblins.” Puss replied. “release”. He was pushed back by the blast, headfirst into the fountain of makuep. His face bore a bright pink blush, red lipstick, and shiny blue eyeshadow when he said “Ok… Maybe we should start DRINKING the water instead of pushing each other into it, eh?” “Ok”.

The next fountain was again unlabeled, and Dulcinea, quite reluctantly, went first. As soon as the sparkling water touched her lips, she doubled over, heaving luaghter. “Stop, Stop it” she said in beetween laughs. “Fountain of invisible tickle monsters” Puss said to himself. “release” Dulcinea giggled. “To the next fountain. And it’s your turn.” she said. He sighed. He sipped slowly at the water. Soon, in the place of Puss in boots the brave stood a rather dapper looking Irish setter. “Hmm… If this is what I would be as a dog, it’s not so bad…” He said thoughtfully while stroking his long chin. “Release”.  Dulcinea decided she wanted to try that fountain. She became a pretty White English setter. “Not so bad… Release” and Dulcinea returned. The next foutain was the fountain of flatuence, as Puss confirmed, then came the fountain of fire breath, then the fountain of smelly armpits, and so on and so on. By the end of the night, Dulcinea had endured 100 changes, a metal arm, uncontollable sneezes, paralysis, and much more, and Puss had “earned” an uncontrollable desire to sing opera, an extra 3 tails, a lamp head, and a mouth sewn shut (that one, Calista had to undo later by magic, because he couldn’t say release with his mouth sewn shut).

3 days later, the happy couple was on their way back to San Lorenzo.

Chapter 3: New life, same groove

Turns out, somehow The señor puss squad had been informed of the exact area, date, and time of their arrival, and were waiting and waving to them from the edge of San Lorenzo’s cliff.Puss greeted Toby with little breath as the pig jumped on top of him. He squeaked out a bit of opera, surprising everyone, and Dulcinea was still enduring the painful experience that is the fountain of 100 changes. Currently, she was stuck quacking instead of speaking. “Quack.” she said with a frown. She then began hiccuping furiously, and proceeding from the usual flash of light, started doing gymnastics (with a good amount of skill, too!).Finally, after a hearty dinner, and a good read, the effect wore off. But she had a very long fit of hiccups all through the night. Puss could barely fall asleep, due to laughing profusely at his wife. Soon though, the hiccups died down, and they were  both able to go to sleep.

New news update

Hi, all! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Again, busy life called. More stories were written, and school got BUSY. Ziggy’s been… Ziggy. Chair chewing, toy tugging, and most importantly, being cute. I have a few things to announce.

First of all, I’ve got BIG NEWS!!! Next year, I’m going to go to Grand Center Arts Academy (if I’m accepted, of course. Everyone at school says I will be 😉 ).

 Second, I,ll be re-writing my story; Puss and Amber. It will now be called The daughter of destiny. Look out for updates on it! The title refers to the fact that Ember (Puss’s daughter) is the daughter of Dulcinea, who is the one from San Lorenzo’s prophecy(from the show: The Adventures of puss in boots/AKA destiny.

Third… Wait, do I even have a third? Ah, yes! Soon, I’ll post some new art pieces I’m working on, as well as my very belated Christmas post. 

Love you all, and have a good rest of your night! Bye-Bye!


#1: I finally got an emoji keyboard! ( dad got a whole bunch of apps, just to figure out he could get the keyboard with ease on settings!)
LOL 🐺🐰🐴🎨🐱🐶

#2: Just some pics I found or took




The last one was a picture of my dad’s friend’s mom’s pet, a savannah cat ( serval+house cat) Adiose! I’ll post more randomness later! Bye!